Maintaining stuff in pkgsrc (Was: Consequences of major libc changes)

Hasso Tepper hasso at
Mon Apr 20 01:20:54 PDT 2009

Matthew Dillon wrote:
> No third-party program should depend upon sys/queue.h, it isn't a
> standard header file for ANY system.
> I think the solution is for the third party program to have its own
> copy that works for it.

Well. I'm not against it if someone else does it. I'm already tired of 
fixing stuff because of "DragonFly way of doing things". Please, if you 
want to have any person doing this work I've done in pkgsrc during last 
year, don't do these things any more:

* Moving headers without very good reason (a la dev/* -> bus/*). It might 
  be logically correct, but causes major headache for thirdparty software.

* Renaming headers without very good reason (a la disklabel.h -> 
  disklabel32.h). Preserving 32 bit stuff in disklabel.h wasn't an option?
  Also sys/ata.h -> sys/nata.h ...

* Renaming members in structures, ioctl's etc etc without very good 
  reason. Again disklabel changes are examples, but also struct kinfo_proc 

With all these examples damage is already done, but let's try to avoid 
this in future.

Hasso Tepper

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