R13A patches for os_mon on dragonfly

Hasso Tepper hasso at estpak.ee
Mon Apr 13 04:38:26 PDT 2009

G.Isenmann wrote:
> Hi, would it be possible to include these small patches into R13B? I
> believe they have no side effect on other platforms and improve the
> situation on dragonfly.

As far as I can see these were included in R13B with small problem ;).

> CC dragonfly-users:
>  - The first patch is a copy of pkgsrc/wip/erlang/patches/patch-aa.
>  - The others are probably also neccessary for both pkgsrc/lang/erlang
>    (R12B) and pkgsrc/wip/erlang (R12B-5).
>  - Noticed this while playing with rabbitmq.
>  - Have ignored other patches from wip/erlang that probably need
>    modifications for dragonfly but which do not look so simple (e.g.
>    for erts/emulator/sys/unix/sys_float.c).

I'll take a look of pkgsrc part after I've finished fixing consequences of 
major libc changes in DragonFly.

Many thanks.

Hasso Tepper

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