Installing DragonFly

Sascha Wildner saw at
Wed Apr 8 03:42:40 PDT 2009

Colin Adams schrieb:
I'm trying to install from the DVD.

When i get to the login prompt, I type installer.

Now every screen I come to, I get, in addition to the formatted screens, I get:

Login incorrect
Password:/i386 (dfly-live) (ttyv1)


It appears I need some kind of password to login as installer. I can't
see this in the handbook.
Yea it's a known bug which has been fixed some time ago.

Do the following:

1) Boot the CD
2) Login as root
3) Edit /etc/ttys and remove the ttyv1 entry
4) kill -1 1
5) Logout and relogin as installer
Generally I wouldn't recommend to take the release ISO. 2.2 snapshot is 
better as it has important bug fixes:



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