Installing from CD/DVD only?

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Tue Apr 7 10:32:50 PDT 2009

Colin Adams wrote:

> How do I find out if the motherboard supports it? (I bought the
> machine in question in April 2003)
> I think what I will probably do is buy a cheap USB DVD drive (I have
> other reasons to do this), install Linux on the machine, create a KVM
> guest for DragonFly, and attach the USB drive to the KVM guest.

Or just download the USB image, "burn" it on an empty USB stick using "dd"
and try it out! All you need is an empty USB stick with around 512 MB 
capacity (they should cost just a few bucks). If you want to test whether 
your motherboard works with DragonFly, using KVM will not work, as it will 
emulate parts of the hardware. 



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