Can't start mysqld

Colin Adams colinpauladams at
Wed Apr 22 09:51:35 PDT 2009

I copied the examples/rc.d/mysqld into /etc/rc.d

When i attempt t run this with start, i get errors:

/usr/pkg/libexec/mysqld: Can't create/write to file '/tmp/ibdQHTh3'
(Errorcode: 13)

which, if I am not mistaken, is permission denied.

How can root (or indeed any other user) get a permission denied error on /tmp?

I guess the answer is the permissions - /tmp has drwxr-xr-x 4 root wheel

Presumably mysql is using it's own id, even though I'm starting it from root.

But I don't understand why /tmp isn't writeable by all. I guess this
is a difference between linux and *BSD usage?

Anyway, how am i supposed to start mysqld?

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