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dark0s Optik shiftcoder at
Mon Oct 20 05:50:35 PDT 2008

In vkernel man page there is:

1      dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/vkernel/rootimg.01 bs=1m count=2048
2      vnconfig -c -s labels vn0 /var/vkernel/rootimg.01
3      disklabel -r -w vn0s0 auto
4      disklabel -e vn0s0      # add `a' partition with fstype `4.2BSD'
5      newfs /dev/vn0s0a
6      mount /dev/vn0s0a /mnt
7      cd /usr/src
8      make installworld DESTDIR=/mnt
9      cd etc
10     make distribution DESTDIR=/mnt
11     echo '/dev/vkd0s0a      /	     ufs     rw      1	1' >/mnt/etc/fstab
12     echo 'proc 	     /proc   procfs  rw      0	0' >>/mnt/etc/fstab

After there is building and enabling virtual kernel:

  Compiling the virtual kernel
     In order to compile a virtual kernel use the VKERNEL kernel configuration
     file residing in /sys/config (or a configuration file derived thereof):

     cd /usr/src
     make -DNO_MODULES buildkernel KERNCONF=VKERNEL
     make -DNO_MODULES installkernel KERNCONF=VKERNEL DESTDIR=/var/vkernel

   Enabling virtual kernel operation
     A special sysctl(8), vm.vkernel_enable, must be set to enable vkernel

     sysctl vm.vkernel_enable=1

I have at step 7, now I to do step 8, that is to say 'make
installworld DESTDIR=/mnt', is correct?
Now why I type make installword and not building kernel?

2008/10/18, Matthias Schmidt <matthias at>:
> Hi,
> * dark0s Optik wrote:
>> I have typed:
>> mkdir /home/var.vkernel
>> ln -s /home/var.vkernel /var/vkernel
>> dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/vkernel/rootimg.01 bs=1m count=2048
>> vnconfig -c -s labels vn0 /var/vkernel/rootimg.01
>> disklabel -e vn0s0
>> after I close vi with :wq
>> and I typed
>> newfs /dev/vn0s0a
>> newfs: /dev/vn0s0a: in unavailable
>> What is the problem?
> Hint: Have a look at the EXAMPLES section of vkernel(7).  There is a
> step by step vkernel installation howto.
> Regards
> 	Matthias

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