Installing DragonFly head on Hammer root ?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Oct 15 13:28:24 PDT 2008

:* elekktretterr at wrote:
:> The script doesn't seem to work. Firstly I had to change ad6 to ad4, and
:> remove a line saying "exit 1" after the 10 second warning. The partitions
:> get created but it seems that most of the important stuff doesn't get
:> cpduped over as for example the /boot partition ONLY has 1 file in it
:> (loader.conf) and the kernel and everything else is missing, theres whole
:> lot of other stuff missing too. I tried the process twice, with the same
:> results each time.
:Sorry, forget to mention that you have to remove the exit line.
:Furthermore I had to add a cpdup line to copy /usr over.  But with these
:two modifications you should be fine.
:	Matthias

    I've noticed cpdup apparently not working properly when run from that
    script too.  I'm not sure if it is cpdup itself or if it is the
    cd9660 ISO filesystem.  Since I don't have problems using cpdup otherwise
    I am guessing that there's something in the cd9660 ISO filedsystem code
    that is causing incomplete copies to occur without generating errors
    or warnings.

    I have no had time to track down the problem myself.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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