VLC problem running on DragonFly 2.0.0

Archimedes Gaviola archimedes.gaviola at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 22:50:13 PDT 2008

On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 12:50 PM, Archimedes Gaviola
<archimedes.gaviola at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 2:30 AM, Max Herrgaard <herrgaard at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi Max,
>>    Hi again.
>>> This time I have successfully installed the sound card driver of my
>>> laptop which is an Intel high definition audio by recompiling the
>>> kernel again through adding device pcm and device snd_hda modules then
>>    Usually you add support either by compiling it into the kernel or
>> by loading the modules.
>>    If you use GENERIC the line 'snd_hda_load="YES"' in
>> /boot/loader.conf should load the module.
>>    'kldload snd_hda' at a prompt works too.
> Yes you're right. kldload is the alternative way of loading modules.
>>> it works fine while VLC is executed in the console. This time with
>>    In console? Do you mean without running Xorg?
> Yes, executing at the terminal console with command-line way of
> running VLC. The terminal console is running also on top of Xorg/Xfce
> environment.
>>> Xfce4 desktop environment, running VLC on the GUI will also occur the
>>> core dump issue and the VLC process just died right after the moment
>>> it is executed. What should be the parameters of the ktrace to track
>>> VLC process executed on top of Xfce4?
>>    Do you start it from a menu? What is the start command for that
>> menu item? You could try
>>    to change it to include ktrace, something like 'ktrace vlc'.
>>        If you'd like a large ktrace dump file, you could try a
>> complete ktrace of xfce. Try 'ktrace -i startx'.
>>    Remember this will generate a LARGE dump file. 'ktrace -C' turns
>> all ongoing tracing off.
> Yes, I start it from the Xfce4 menu then proceed to multimedia
> sub-menu where VLC is located. VLC will appear on this area after
> pkgsrc installation. Clicking VLC here will cause the VLC process to
> die or exit right away and a core dumped message will be reported on
> the dmesg. Okay, I'll try ktrace with your recommended parameters.
>>> I also attached the dmesg output of the detected Intel sound card driver.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Archimedes
>>    I don't know how xfce does this kind of things. Maybe you need to
>> change something in its sound
>>    settings or add a startup option. Does sound work at all within
>> xfce, or is it only vlc that fails?
> I do an ongoing investigation of the problem, I will check sound card
> related configurations. Sound works with Xfce4 because as I've tried
> another multimedia player MPlayer, it will work on this sound card.
>>  Did you compile xfce yourself or did you use packages?
> I encountered problems while compiling VLC on DragonFly-2.0.0 with the
> latest release (0.9.4) on a tarball source and I still need to report
> this to the VLC support forum. Xfce4 was compiled using pkgsrc
> (2008Q2). Below is the info of the package.

Erratum! I was showing you the VLC package info instead of Xfce4. I'll
provide you the info tomorrow since I didn't bring my laptop now and
is not online.

> $ pkg_info vlc
> Information for vlc-0.8.6fnb2:
> Comment:
> VideoLAN Client
> Requires:
> xdg-dirs>=1.4
> wxGTK>=2.6.3nb1
> faad2>=2.6.1
> flac>=1.1.3nb1
> liba52>=0.7.4nb3
> libcddb>=0.9.5nb1
> libid3tag>=0.15.1bnb1
> libmad>=0.15.1bnb1
> fribidi>=0.10.4nb1
> gettext-lib>=0.14.5
> pcre>=6.2
> SDL_image>=1.2.5
> freetype2>=2.1.10nb1
> libcdio>=0.76nb1
> ffmpeg-devel>=20071004
> SDL>=1.2.10
> lame>=3.96.1nb4
> libvorbis>=1.1.0nb1
> libdvdplay>=1.0.1nb3
> libdvbpsi>=0.1.3nb2
> libdvdnav>=0.1.9nb1
> libdvdread>=0.9.5nb2
> libmatroska>=0.8.0nb1
> libmpeg2>=0.4.0bnb5
> libogg>=1.1.2nb1
> libxml2>=2.6.23nb1
> libXv>=1.0.1
> libXxf86vm>=1.0.1
> libXdamage>=1.0.3
> libdrm>=2.3.0
>>    Good luck :-)
> Yes, thanks :-)
> Archimedes

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