Problem with Apache, CGI PHP -> Zombies

Damian Lubosch dl at
Thu Oct 2 09:26:31 PDT 2008


Has anybody managed to configure apache22 with lang/php5 as "normal"- 
cgi? My problem here is that the php processes are terminated as  
zombies. When I check it with "ps ax" there are 50-150 Z-state phps.  
The php applications run as expected, I did not notice any problems on  
the application level.
If there is more information necessary for debugging, just ask please.

A few months ago I tried to run php as fcgi with the ap2-fcgid package  
but it terminated abnormally and crashed on every execution of the php  
script. I tried the same settings with NetBSD3/4 and it worked fine.  
Then I just needed to run php, and didn't bother with slow performance.
Thus, for now the normal cgi should do. The long term aim is to run  
php4 und php5 simultaneously, that's why I do not use the apache-php  
module. And the best would be to use fcgi to boost the performance :-)

Any help of how to debug this problem would be appreciated. The logs  
do not seem to notice that problem.

Have a nice day

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