Hal and DragonFly

Hasso Tepper hasso at estpak.ee
Tue Nov 25 00:44:40 PST 2008

Regardless of my opinion in HAL and friends (this opinion is not very 
good), I see it already becoming de facto standard. More and more 
features in modern desktops - gnome, kde, xorg (yeah, xorg itself as 
well) - depend on it.

Thanks to Jared D. McNeill who imported hal into pkgsrc to make it work in 
NetBSD, I could commit my work to make it work in DragonFly (with FreeBSD 
backend) as well so it's available for others in sysutils/hal. Current 
pkgsrc HEAD has all my patches in and you need latest DragonFly HEAD to 
compile it.

So, this is call for testing/improving the stuff. If you are interested in 
it, please test, report problems and most importantly - try to fix 
them ;). Jared D. McNeill is also busy adding hal dependency to Gnome 
packages in pkgsrc HEAD, btw.

happy hacking,

Hasso Tepper

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