'nohistory' chflags flag pollution heads-up.

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Nov 10 18:01:33 PST 2008

    'nohistory' is a chflags flag supported by HAMMER.  If set it tells
    HAMMER not to retain history for the file or directory tree in question.

    I noticed that a large number of files in my HAMMER /usr has the
    nohistory flag set when my /usr does not.  It turned out that the
    reason the nohistory flag was set on these files was because I
    have nohistory set on /usr/obj and the flag was being retained by
    the 'install' program for various files created under /usr/obj
    when installed to system locations such as /bin.

    I have adjusted the handling of filesytem flags for the install
    program in HEAD to fix this problem.  I will MFC this change to
    2.0.x at the end of this week (remind me if I forget).

    In anycase, people using HAMMER and depending on history retention
    for system directories who also did what I did and made their /usr/obj
    nohistory may need to turn off the flag in install locations.

    Typically effected install locations are: /bin, /usr/bin, /sbin, /usr/sbin,
    /usr/pkg, /usr/include, and /usr/share.

    The problem only occurs if you are trying to be fancy (like me) and 
    have nohistory set on some HAMMER directories (like /usr/obj).


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