Problem with libraries

dark0s Optik shiftcoder at
Sun May 25 09:29:30 PDT 2008

#pkg_info -L libpng
pkg_info: can't find package libpng
#pkg_info -L png

. ..there are png and libpng files, but xine requires, instead in the system there is

#pkg_info -L SDL

. ..there are SDL and libSDL files, but mplayer requires, instead in the system there is

What is the problem?

2008/5/25, Justin C. Sherrill <justin at>:
> On Sun, May 25, 2008 9:19 am, dark0s Optik wrote:
>  > I have the following four problems:
> Check for the existence of those .so files on your system.  Also, check
>  the installed files list of the corresponding packages in pkgsrc - e.g.
>  'pkg_info -L libpng'.
>  If they are missing, somehow the programs you are trying to run got
>  installed without the required dependencies, or those libraries were
>  somehow deleted/moved.  If they are there, something's wrong with linking.

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