GSoC: LiveCD

Ben Cadieux ben.cadieux at
Tue May 20 11:46:24 PDT 2008

What's the purpose of this LiveCD?  Who's it targeting?

Seems like a bit of a shotgun approach for everyone to submit what
they want on it.  It's much easier to determine what should be on it
when it's got some very clear goals.

I tend to use LiveCDs for:
 - fixing problems (though I use bootable USB for the most part nowadays)
 - using systems that are otherwise 'locked down' such as university
pcs/etc to browser / listen to music / whatever may otherwise not work
 - test out a new OS, or show the OS off to others

Those 3 uses alone would totally change either what's provided, or
require a boot menu at least.  For fixing a PC, you'd want the most
stable kernel and minimal drivers (no audio, for example) and some
decent recovery and diagnostic tools (archivers, file system drivers,
etc).  For an os replacement you'd want all drivers and very few beta
features unless they really enhance the experience.  For testing the
OS or showing it off, you might want all the neat new features
(hammer, vkernels, etc).  There would be other uses, like instant
clusters, etc, that would have yet more/other requirements.

Anyway, I'll still send in what I want on it, but thought I'd add my
two cents :)

Best Regards,
Ben Cadieux

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