Problem Booting new System 1.12 live cd

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon May 19 20:00:28 PDT 2008

:> I had similar issues with my Quad Core and believe it or not swapping
:> out the fairly new DVD burner for a fairly old CD-ROM drive got the
:> machine booted.
:> Joe
:I had both my DVD player and my CDR/DVD-R attached so I tried one at a 
:time, it still would not boot.
:For now I have DF running in a WMware session. And wow with this new 
:machine, I don't even notice its running when i am using other apps in XP.
:So for now, I'm going to just stick with the WM.
:  If its helpful to the project to get this machine to boot, I'm up for 
:trying some more testing, like the kernel configs. I might need some 
:hand holding to boot from the new kernel from a CD.

    Hmm.  Well, the question is what is stopping it.. it could be the
    ATA driver.  I'm assuming you don't have any mass storage plugged
    into the USB.

    One thing to try... let the boot proceed and give it a good 5 minutes
    to try to get past the xpt warnings.  The xpt stuff will give up after
    a few minutes and there is an outside chance that the machine will be
    able to complete its boot.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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