GSoC: LiveCD

Louisa Luciani lolaluci at
Mon May 19 03:47:51 PDT 2008

Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:
> Oliver Fromme wrote:
>> On the other hand, there are still some machines that
>> only have CD-ROM drives (not DVD).  Maybe those could be
>> supported with a stripped-down version of the DVD, e.g.
>> by omitting some cool-but-not-important stuff (some script
>> could generate this automatically).
> In the interest of not getting distracted by the size discussion, I
> suggest targetting a 1.35GB size, but not worrying really about any size
> constraints.  I could imagine that when the DVD is ready, some
> compression driver pops up in the kernel, to make it work on CDs as well :)
> cheers
>   simon

Perhaps we could have the liveDVD as the "default" platform then and use
techniques (compression/omission) to make liveCDs compatible? It would
be nice to create a very comprehensive environment in the live session
that would encompass all the needs of our current community. We'll see
in a short while if many people would like to have "the big ones"
included like OpenOffice, Gnome, and more.
Thanks again!

Louisa Luciani at

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