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Oliver Fromme check+k13vi700rst13o4b at
Mon May 19 01:39:50 PDT 2008

Matthew Dillon wrote:
 > :The GSoC is now upon us and so it is time to hear what you guys would
 > :like to see on the new and improved:
 > :DragonFly "The X Edition" Live-CD
 >    Is it going to be a CD or a DVD ?  That's an important distinction.
 >    Personally I think a special-edition Live-CD is a wonderful idea, but
 >    it should be a DVD rather then a CD in order to be able to fit everything
 >    in without having to resort to massive compression trickery (which would
 >    probably not be enough anyway, for a CD).

I would be nice if the Live-CD would fit in about 1.35 GB,
so it could be written to one of those "mini DVDs" which
have only 8 cm diameter.  Those fit more easily in your
pocket and are very convenient to carry with you for
emergencency, recovery purposes and similar.  (The only
problem is that they can't be used with slot-in drives,
but those are rare, fortunately.)

On the other hand, there are still some machines that
only have CD-ROM drives (not DVD).  Maybe those could be
supported with a stripped-down version of the DVD, e.g.
by omitting some cool-but-not-important stuff (some script
could generate this automatically).

Just my 2 cents.

Best regards

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