Fortran in the base

Hasso Tepper hasso at
Tue May 13 04:30:57 PDT 2008

Rumko wrote:
> Well ... the biggest problem isn't that we don't have fortran in our
> gcc-4.1 but that pkgsrc checks for fortran only by checking if the
> files exist not by actually running/testing if it actually works (try
> running g77 -v or f77 -v without setting CCVER to gcc34) afaik (if i
> remember correctly, deleting f77&co. makes pkgsrc automatically pull in
> f2c so that everything after that works, but it's been quite some time
> since i last tried that, so i could be remembering it incorrectly).
> You can override the problems with fortran by adding "PKGSRC_COMPILER=
> f2c gcc" in your mk.conf (or was it PKGSRC_COMPILERS? would have to
> check). But since it seems that pkgsrc has broken checks regarding
> ONLY_FOR_COMPILER you won't be able to compile packages such as mplayer
> after adding that line in your mk.conf (I usually compile mplayer
> manually by commenting that line in mk.conf after everything else is
> done).

OK, much clearer now. So, now I think that best approach is completely 
opposite. Basically, there are two options:

a) Remove fortran from the base.
b) Make NO_FORTRAN default for now. And fortran will be removed from the 
base if we'll remove gcc34 somewhere in future.

AFAICS  NetBSD (at least recent versions) don't have fortran in the base 
either and rely on lang/f2c.


Hasso Tepper

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