hammer prune explanation

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Sat May 10 11:50:21 PDT 2008

Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :Hi,
> :
> :I don't understand the usage of
> :
> :   hammer prune from xxx to yyy every zzz
> :
> :Could someone enlighten me, what the "from" and "to" exactly means?
> :
> :Does it mean, that all deleted records with an age between xxx and yyy
> :are considered for pruning? Starting from "xxx", just keep deleted
> :records every "zzz"?
> :
> :Regards,
> :
> :   Michael
>     You got it.   Note that 'deletions' also mean overwrites and changes.
>     For example, if you chmod a file HAMMER will remember the old modes
>     as a deleted record.
>     So here's an example:
> 	hammer prune /mnt from 1d to 30d every 1d
> [...]
Thanks a lot! Could this great explanation (or parts of it) go into the
man-page? I think it's very helpful, especially the visualization.
Is it possible to prune according to the filename? For example:

  hammer prune /mnt/usr/obj from 2d everything
  hammer prune /mnt/usr/src from 1d to 10d every 1d
Don't know if it is possible to implement... but would avoid the need
for separate filesystems.


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