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Samuel J. Greear dragonflybsd at evilcode.net
Mon May 5 19:39:23 PDT 2008

"Matthew Dillon" <dillon at apollo.backplane.com> wrote in message 
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:Posted this to kernel@ by accident, please reply here instead :)
:I just wanted to know if there's any interest for the devs to add
:something like p7zip to the base install; even if it's a simple fork
:that only supports 7z.  While 7zip is about as obnoxiously slow as
:bzip2, it usually gets much better compression.
:That's not why I'm suggesting it though - what really gets me is that
:bzip2 has no "list" option.  Does that 10 gb bzip2 backup archive
:contain 100gb of data, or 200gb?  Other than dumping the entire
:archive to /dev/null through wc, there's really no way to do it.  Gzip
:will list files, but its compression ratio is awful.
:I imagine that other OSes are going to be watching Dragonfly very
:carefully in the next while as new the features (especially HAMMER)
:mature.  Maybe adding 7z will get yet another bandwagon going and
:there will be support across the board :)
:Best Regards,
:Ben Cadieux
   Well, I think not in base, at least not unless a lot of people
   are using it.  p7zip is readily available via the pkgsrc tree
   and that's the most reasonable method of accessibility for
Matthew Dillon
<dillon at backplane.com>
I do not know if DragonFly is actively tracking libarchive, but it seems
to be "the ticket" for implementing new archiving/compression methods
through a common mechanism. If one wanted to see 7z functionality
in base implementing a libarchive provider is probably the way to go.
I did a quick test at one point on the dfly distribution ISO and as I
recall 7z was ~60% the size of bzip2 using standard settings.
food+thought, etc.

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