Problems trying wireless keyboard/mouse

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu May 1 08:53:21 PDT 2008

:> 	Where is the uhidev code hiding ?
:	It seems that this mechanism hasn't made it in to the DragonFly
:stack. I can have a go at importing it.
:> 	Is there an useful debug I can turn on ? 
:	I found the debug settings - but all I got was:
:May  1 13:02:10 df1 kernel: ums_intr: status=13
:	Which helpfully translates to IO error.
:> 	Is the only way to unjam it really a reboot ?
:	I did find that not having the ums device open prevents the
:keyboard from locking up.
:> 	NetBSD has a more sophisticated variant of the code below - should
:> we import it ?
:	Perhaps even a fullblown sync up to the NetBSD stack - opinions
:anyone ?

    Well, USB is a big black box to most of us.  I don't think a fullblown
    sync is a good idea, we've made changes to USB to stabilize it and
    it is probably best to work from our current base.


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