Problem with libraries

dark0s Optik shiftcoder at
Sun May 25 06:26:31 PDT 2008

I have the following four problems:


(acroread:818): Pango-WARNING **: No Builtin or dynamically loaded
modules were found. Pango will not work correctly. This probably means
there was an error in the creation of:

You may be able to recreate this file by runnning pango-querymodules

(acroread:818): Pango-CRITICAL **: _pango_engine_shape_shape:
assertion PANGO_IS_FONT

Pango-ERROR **: file shape.c: line75....


/usr/libexec/ Shared object not found,
required by xine


/usr/libexec/ Shared object not
found, required by mplayer


I have installed firefox- and firefox-bin-,
but when I type, I do not have output


How can I solve above four problems?


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