GSoC: LiveCD

Louisa Luciani lolaluci at
Sun May 18 15:47:30 PDT 2008

The GSoC is now upon us and so it is time to hear what you guys would
like to see on the new and improved:
DragonFly "The X Edition" Live-CD

Since I do not want to start an unmanageable discussion, I'd like to
receive your replies privately so that I can return with the compiled
results, and the discussion can continue from there. Everyone's input is
valuable, so please, the more mail the better.
Basically, I have four questions:

1. What tools do you, as a developer want available?

2. What programs do you, as a casual/power user want available?

3. What DragonFly specific features are worth including?
fairq, vkernels, hammer preview, +more ?

4. Any other random ideas or opinions concerning Live-CDs?

Louisa Luciani at

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