7-Zip / Bzip2

Ben Cadieux ben.cadieux at gmail.com
Mon May 5 17:40:07 PDT 2008


Posted this to kernel@ by accident, please reply here instead :)

I just wanted to know if there's any interest for the devs to add
something like p7zip to the base install; even if it's a simple fork
that only supports 7z.  While 7zip is about as obnoxiously slow as
bzip2, it usually gets much better compression.

That's not why I'm suggesting it though - what really gets me is that
bzip2 has no "list" option.  Does that 10 gb bzip2 backup archive
contain 100gb of data, or 200gb?  Other than dumping the entire
archive to /dev/null through wc, there's really no way to do it.  Gzip
will list files, but its compression ratio is awful.

I imagine that other OSes are going to be watching Dragonfly very
carefully in the next while as new the features (especially HAMMER)
mature.  Maybe adding 7z will get yet another bandwagon going and
there will be support across the board :)

Best Regards,
Ben Cadieux

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