Postfix and IPv6

Jeff Blank jb000002 at
Fri Mar 28 12:21:03 PDT 2008

In <47ED325C.30008 at>,
Thomas E. Spanjaard <tgen at> shouted to everyone in earshot,
>might be more places in Postfix where patches like these are required, 
>so if you have the time, it would be great if you could check for those 
>as well. Then, submit them to both Postfix and Pkgsrc.

It looks like everything is set up in the same file,
src/util/sys_defs.h.  The other FreeBSD definitions are

all cases:
#define SOCKADDR_SIZE   socklen_t
#define SOCKOPT_SIZE    socklen_t

if NO_KQUEUE is not defined (when the builder executes 'makedefs'),

All macros rely on FBSD 4.2 or earlier.  If any of this has changed
since the fork from FreeBSD, please let me know.  There may be other
macros that only DF (not FBSD) supports, but I'm not enough of a DF or
postfix hacker to know which ones.

Updated patch at the same URL,

I haven't done much testing other than to verify that it compiles,
that the SMTP client uses IPv6, and that postfix works as a
leaf/satellite/whatever (no local mail, just unconditional relaying to
another host).  (My only DF box is old, slow hardware that doesn't do
much with mail.  Postfix build takes around half an hour.)  I'd
appreciate hearing from DF/postfix users who try this patch out,
especially if not using DF 1.12 or if using more postfix features than
I do.

How should I go about getting this patch into pkgsrc when I'm ready to
submit it?  Do I just contact the postfix ${MAINTAINER}, or is there a
better/preferred route?


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