DragonFly without net connection [Was: OpenBSD dhclient]

Chris Turner c.turner at 199technologies.org
Fri Mar 14 18:04:13 PDT 2008

Hasso Tepper wrote:
It's part of bigger set of issues called "DragonFly without net 


This is problematic with RCNG - I tried putting a parameter in rc.conf
for something or the other to try and make this modular,
e.g. [ "$net_is_enabled" ] && foo_enable="yes" type of things..

but I kept forgetting to change this prior to reboots, etc and things
would get started inadvertently ..
on the one hand, you want foo_enable='yes' to be set so that 
/etc/rc.d/foo works, but on the other hand, you don't necessarily want
to start it at boot time ..

Anyone have any working 'multi configuration' setups for rcng?

I contemplated hooking in loader.conf somehow to make some menu choices, 
but didn't quite find the time ..

still miles ahead of monolithic rc.local or SysV style links, but still 
room for improvement

and please, no suggestions on reimplementing launchd ... *shudder*
and especially no suggestions on reimplementing solaris SMF ... *vomit*

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