Francis GUDIN fgudin at droog.sdf-eu.org
Sat Mar 1 04:07:18 PST 2008


I'd like to know how do you manage IKE. The handbook mentions racoon,
but this is marked as (NetBSD|Linux)-only in pkgsrc. I didn't look too 
closely at it, so can't estimate the required effort.

Another option is isakmpd, but the patches in pkgsrc are toward NetBSD
support only (no autohell, great ! but how to handle multiple target 
systems in such a case ? a kind of "conditional patching" ? I didn't
look at it yet, but it would still seem hackish to me, if possible at
I spent an hour or too on this one, and progressed a bit (well, 
building goes further as before) but now, I'm facing other issues (use
of gmp or not is one of them) that involve pkgsrc mecanisms, which I'm
not comfortable with. Should I try to adapt it to our base instead (get
rid of other targets support, rip gmp off, etc.) ? Would importing it be 
welcome ?

Or are there any other tool i should know about ?

Thanks a lot. Best regards,
fgudin at sdf-eu.org
SDF-EU Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf-eu.org

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