HAMMER recovery and other questions

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Tue Jun 24 04:33:11 PDT 2008

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:4) Feature suggestion: I think for a little bit more comfortable
:operation, there should me a command that automatically creates a
:softlink. Like: hammer snap /path/to/softlink which does a synctid and
:creates the softlink in the desired path. That way one would not be
:forced to retrieve the transaction ID and create softlinks manually. Or
:have I missed something and you already have implemented this? :-)
    It's a good idea.  Go ahead and add it to the hammer utility.
    Maybe call it 'hammer snapshot <softlink-directory> [<filesystem>]'
    (where the filesystem need only be specified if the softlink 
    directory is not in the desired filesystem).
Is there an easy way to determine the filesystem a path belongs to?

I'd suggest an extension:

  mkdir /hammer/softlinks
  hammer snapshot /hammer/softlinks  # => /hammer/softlinks/<transid>
  hammer snapshot /hammer/softlinks/soft1 # => name snapshot "soft1"



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