New site design

James Frazer james.frazer at
Fri Jun 13 14:50:01 PDT 2008

I'd make the title larger, this way it looks strange right now.  I 
actually liked the red, so maybe we could have all colors in a css?  
just kidding :)

Everyone seems to say the same about the title, so I think it's fair to 
say that should be changed... Along with the logo in the title...

But I think we should change the navigation on the left:

- have sections and links visually distinguishable, i.e.
- leave sections bold, make links normal, maybe smaller
Good point... I'm not sure why this didn't get changed... I think the 
only thing I changed was the colour on the navigation links, but I know 
I had intended to tweak font sizes.

- don't use a fixed column size (wraps here)
Another good point.  This is another artifact of the old page... I 
didn't change much in the CSS.. and didn't want to blow up a layout 
which someone else made, and that I didn't fully understand.

- use background for the cells/navigation to make it obvious that it is 

Regarding the title, I'd like to see the logo in the title, and I'd like 
to see a larger font for the title, instead of using spaced letters.

There is no link to the snapshots anymore, I think this should go into 
the "Download" section as a paragraph on top.  Further, I would split 
the release errata/announcement from the download page.  I would even 
split the list of mirrors from the download page, so that you click on 
download, read one paragraph on snapshots vs releases, then click on one 
of them, then get to the mirrors page, or better yet, get the iso served 
from one of the mirrors.

All more good points. The problem I had was that there was a lot of 
information on the download page, but it was a lot more intuitive to 
download from the release page... The gist of all this is that a real 
content change was needed, and I ran out of time.  What I wanted to do 
is have the 5% of what was most important on the website, that 95% of 
visitors were going to want, and move the other 95% of super detailed 
stuff onto the wiki...

I didn't get that far, as the wiki seemed like it was going to be hard 
to use... which is a point of personal contention for myself...

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