New site design

James Frazer james.frazer at
Fri Jun 13 14:23:35 PDT 2008

Matthew Dillon wrote:
    Well, the site is your baby so if you feel it need to be changed
    definitely go and change it.
    Here are my own comments on the site:

    * I like the placement of the Download button.

    * I don't like the placement of the logo.  I believe it should go in
      the upper left hand corner contemporary with the 'D r a g on F l y B S D'
      label.  It for sure should not go under the menu.
Well,also it's not a true logo (if it's the red thing you're referring 
to).  It's more of a mascot, and I put it there to prevent the blues 
from over powering the page.  It was just something I found in with our 

The true logo -- there was a reason why that didn't end up in the left 
hand corner, but for the life of me I can't remember.  Maybe I was 
having trouble with CSS positioning it properly, or maybe I didn't know 
how to make the red/green version look good.

    * I don't like the color changes.  I really like the current site's
      color and wallpaper scheme.  But if you want to change the logo
      in the upper left hand corner, I'm OK with that.  I like both logos.
Heh, I guess everyone has their own tastes in colours... to me the 
red/green was ghastly, and was at the top of my list to get rid of. 
Although it would be possible to do a red/green scheme that did look 
better, but someone would have to be better at colour theory than I.

    * I do agree that our menus need to be reorganized but I don't like the
      new scheme (and the existing scheme has issues too).  It seems to me
      that the menus could be reorganized in the context of the existing

I agree & disagree.  Part of the problem is that there is a lot of extra 
information that gets cluttered in with the more important stuff.  Had I 
had more time I would have liked to do more selective weeding (content 
wise) and try and simplify things.  My general feeling on the old (and I 
suppose still current) site is that it is very verbose, both in content 
and menus...

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