GSoC: LiveCD

Robert Luciani rluciani at
Mon Jun 2 07:13:11 PDT 2008

> I think using qt/kde would be easier. As the size does not count to much
> on a DVD using 100+ gnome apps would be a bit harder. So I would start
> with KDE if I were you.
> xfce4 is also a good one imo and should be also faster than kde, but
> i've never tried kde4.
> And the most important is ratpoison of course :)

I think using Gnome would be better than KDE.

Firstly, all popular apps use gtk+ like: Firefox, Thunderbird,
OpenOffice, Pidgin, Xchat, Wireshark, gvim, Ekiga, F-Spot, Gimp, and
much more.

Secondly, (if we had a compatible HAL) gnome has a lot nicer services
like NetworkManager, gvfs (volume-manager), power-manager,
bluetooth-manager and more.

Lastly, KDE is oftentimes quite ugly and has way too many buttons.

In so far as simple window-managers are concerned, there are are newer
cooler ones that "good 'ol" blackbox and ratpoison, such as:
wm/awesome (lightweight) and wip/e17 (almost lightweight).

My vote is on one "big one": meta-pkgs/gnome
and one "small one": wm/awesome

Robert Luciani
Chalmers University of Technology, SWE
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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