HAMMER lockup

Gergo Szakal bastyaelvtars at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 14:15:17 PDT 2008

I've backed up my /home partition and formatted it as HAMMER. I
restored it and then moved some files around, did a prune-everything
and a reblock, all worked fine. (I love to see how hammer does NOT
stress the harddrive, as the LED rarely blinks. ;-)
However, 256M of RAM is not enough for HAMMER, but that's not a big
issue compared to ZFS.)

But then I tried to stress-test by downloading
torrents and it caused a lockup. I could do nothing but reboot,
afterwards the UNDO was re-run and all worked fine. I can reproduce it
just by downloading with rtorrent.
All I could obtain is some kernel messages:

found disconnected inode 000000010411441e
[diagnostic] cache_lock: blocked on 0xc1529aa8 "log.smbd"

log.smbd is strangely on a UFS partition.

I know this is hard to debug but posted here as maybe we can sort it out
anyway. I am glad to provide the information you need and perform the
necessary tests as there is no sensitive data on this rig.

Gergo Szakal MD <bastyaelvtars at gmail.com>
University Of Szeged, HU
Faculty Of General Medicine

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