Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Fri Feb 29 07:42:44 PST 2008

Colin Adams wrote:
Meanwhile, I have managed to install 1.12 in a virtual machine on my
Linux 64-bit quad core box. I didn't attempt to configure the network
when I did the installation, thinking that as I was running under KVM,
I would not need to (that was the case when I set up FreeBSD 6.3 last
weekend). However I can't ping (which is the virtual DHCP
server that KVM provides to the guest), so I guess I should have done
But I don't know what command to type to bring up those configuration
menus again - I can't find it mentioned in the DragonFly handbook
(flight manual?).
Please help.
I guess that kvm provides a DHCP client?  In this just add a line
ifconfig_XXX0="DHCP" to /etc/rc.conf.
XXX stands for the interface name, you can get an overview by typing 

If you need to configure a fixed address, use
ifconfig_XXX0="inet netmask up".
More details can be found in rc.conf(5) and the handbook, available on the 

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