FreeBSD 7, DragonFly's status

Bill Hacker wbh at
Thu Feb 28 11:13:25 PST 2008

Matthew Dillon wrote:
    Well, I'll give you my 5-second opinion.


	* Our interrupt routing subsystem really needs a major upgrade.
	  (i.e. a major port from FreeBSD).
Given that theirs has choked several times on some fairly common 
hardware that DID work thru 6.2 RELEASE, that would not necessarily be 
the first or best place to look.

    Where I think the future is:

	* SMP, Storage, and SSI.  Real time mirroring at the logical level.
	  HAMMER is a major component for the storage, SSI, and mirroring
	  components, and I believe HAMMER will be a large interest magnet.
	Our project goals have not changed, but if I had it all to do over
	again I would have started work on HAMMER much earlier then I did.
	I spent more time then I should have perfecting the low level
	infrastructure, trying to build a base upon which all the other
	work could occur.

It may seem so in the rear-view mirror, but had you NOT done the 
low-level infrastructure, AND the 2+ year code-clean-up of what was 
adapted from Free (and other) BSD, nothing else would be working as well 
as it does.

That was time that pays back with long-running and ongoing dividends.



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