pkgsrc distfiles (was Re: laptop lcd vs external lcd panel Xorg)

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Thu Feb 28 11:00:02 PST 2008

> I don't have a good answer on the xorg difference between releases, but: 
> most/all of the 1.10.1 packages should work, as I understand it.  We'll
> have 1.12 binary packages soon; I have to get through a build on pkgbox.

That reminds me.

Maybe the pbulk or whatever you are using allows you to set your distfiles 
to be NFS mounted /archive/distfiles.

DISTDIR?=               /archive/distfiles

(Feel free to make a pkgsrc distfiles group or something for that. I don't 
care if you change the directory or file ownerships.)

My only concern was having duplicate downloads of thousands of distfiles.

Also to use other locations (to read but not write):


You can read about that with:

	bmake help topic=distdir

  Jeremy C. Reed

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