Sdävtaker sdavtaker at
Tue Feb 26 09:52:16 PST 2008

If you use "dragonflies names" one starting with each alphabeth
letter, like big storms, then you can use names and still have a
pretty nice order, since after the "i dont know the name starting with
A" you got the "i dont know the name starting with B" but sure you
will have the "i got no idea wich version is this one, starting with J
branch starting with L, RC4".
So... 1.12... right? ;-)

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 7:57 AM, Michael Neumann <mneumann at> wrote:
> Sascha Wildner wrote:
>  > Michael Neumann wrote:
>  >> While reading your post I got an idea for future DragonFlyBSD releases.
>  >> Why not name them according to dragonfly species?
>  >> I think there should be enough till the next millenium ;-)
>  >
>  > Hmm, am I the only one who is glad that we _don't_ have fancy codenames
>  > for releases?
>  Hm, I don't like codenames as well, despite liking the idea :)
>  I can easily remember a version number, while I forget names very
>  quickly, because they usually have no meaning (e.g. Intel codenames :).
>  But if used rarely, codenames might be a nice and funny thing. For
>  example if the goal is some years away as for example "Python 3000"
>  (hehe, is that now a codename or a version number?). Maybe there is
>  a dragonfly that builds clusters? :)
>  Regards,
>    Michael

Sdävtaker prays to Rikku goddess for a good treasure.

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