Dragonfly Routers

Dave Hayes dave at jetcafe.org
Tue Feb 19 14:58:35 PST 2008

Bill Hacker <wbh at conducive.org> writes:
> Dave Hayes wrote:
>> Has anyone here tried to use DragonFly BSD as a router where the box had
>> more than 4 network interfaces? I'm wondering if too many network
>> interfaces on one machine would have performance issues?
> What sort of hardware, 

As yet unspecified hardware, which is why I am asking the list. :)

I seem to remember some very old idea that more than 4 network
interfaces on a PCI bus was a Bad Idea(tm). 

I know conventional wisdom suggests specifying an application and
expected load, but in this particular case I don't really know
exact numbers in advance, I can only determine that the load is
on the scale of ~100 machines, and several gigE networks.

> I've run six pci-bus 10/100 NICs as an ipfw(1) bridging router under 
> FreeBSD 4.8, 1 GHz Celeron, 512 MB PC133 SDRAM with acceptable performance.
> Ergo I wouldn't expect DragonFly to take a back seat relative to any of 
> the other *BSD's - or Linuces.

I'm not bridging, I'm actually routing...so that will take some of the
load off the idea. The downside is I'm routing gigE and I don't want too
much speed to be sacrificed. 

> Serious router/firewall kit is on a different 'Planet' (or Cisco, or ..)
> and better served with an RTOS.

Perhaps. I don't have any data to confirm or deny this, though it seems
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