Building/Installing DragonFly from within FreeBSD

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Feb 16 12:39:03 PST 2008

:Where is the big difference between doing a buildworld, buildkernel,=20
:installkernel, installworld or doing a binary update?  Maybe we should=20
:encourage people to do this instead?  I even thought the installer had an=
:option.  If not, "just" copying over /kernel /modules /usr /bin/sbin and =
:updating /etc should do it as well, right?
:   simon

    Honestly, I think the only 'safe' way to do it is to buy a second
    hard drive, install a fresh DragonFly on it, boot it with the old
    drive as drive #2, and copy over the bits and pieces of data you
    want to retain.

    It isn't so much the OS core that I'm worried about, but all the ports
    applications one might have.  You really want to scrap any ports stuff
    and get the same setup with pkgsrc, then copy just the operational
    data over.  That isn't something an installer can do for you.


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