Mounting dragonfly ufs in freebsd

Bill Hacker wbh at
Fri Feb 1 10:42:10 PST 2008

Jonas Trollvik wrote:
On 2/1/08, Chris Turner <c.turner at> wrote:

kind of a PITA, but if you can read 'a', you could keep 2 labels in
'a', and relabel it as required..
(as long as the label doesn't extend into the partition &
  hose things up ..)
if the filesystem is working, it's probably just the label that has
If you're just testing driver compatibility now & again,
I'd think that would might be good enough..
Yes this might work.  Thanks for the tip.

Otherwise I'll have a look into how complicated the disklabel code is
to change in freebsd to see if I can change it to work like dragonfly
Dunno if this *still* works - in fact I may be wrong that it *ever* did..but

ISTR that if I used FreeBSD 4.X to set up a disk, then DFLY *and* all 
versions of FreeBSD - 4.X and newer - could read the disklabel.

Subsequently, as we pull server HDD well before they fail, I've simply 
used separate surplus HDD.

For a laptop, of course, that would mean USB, FireWire, or such...



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