laptop lcd vs external lcd panel Xorg

mustkaru karu.pruun at
Thu Feb 28 09:28:02 PST 2008


I installed 1.12.0 on my laptop along with 1.10.1 packages (should the
packages really be recompiled or can I use 1.10.1 binary packages?). I
use an external lcd panel since laptop screen is too small. Now when
booting, I switch the screen output to go to the external lcd panel
only (ie laptop screen off, all screen/graphics output goes to
external panel) so when Xorg starts I can use high resolutions. In
1.12.0 however, when I do `startx', Xorg resets both panels so
graphics output is to both panels. This means I can use only low
resolution in graphics mode since Xorg chooses the mode suitable for
the small laptop lcd. I wonder what has changed in the transition
1.10.1 --> 1.12 so that Xorg now resets screen? Can I disallow Xorg
turning on both panels? A sysctl setting or Xorg conf setting?

thanks, Must


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