nfs4v (was: Re: should we use atomic instructions to manipulate vmstats.v_wire_count?)

dark0s Optik shiftcoder at
Tue Feb 5 09:15:29 PST 2008

If I understood, you want to port NFSv4 over DragonFly BSD.
I would like to help in nfsv4 porting.

I must to contact anyone?

> I don't think the port would be that much work. (but if someone can do it
> in a day, they're a lot faster than I am:-)
> The client and server are
> now structured so the the VFS handling is separated out into functions
> that are a part of the port. (The porting exercise is mostly cribbing
> the VFS handling parts from the extant NFS code and putting the right
> bits in these functions.) There is currently a full port for OpenBSD4.2,
> plus a server port for FreeBSD-CURRENT and a client (and most of a server)
> port for Darwin. (I figured that, since Darwin/Mac OS X had changed the
> VFS in major ways, that porting to it would cover most of the issues.)
> At one point Dave Rhodus did some work on a DragonflyBSD port of the
> server, but that was old code from before the VFS functionality was
> separated out.
> As for spearheading an effort, I guess that depends upon your definition
> of "spearhead":-) I'm currently just starting on a client port for
> FreeBSD-CURRENT, which will keep me busy until at least spring. As such,
> I'd be happy to help with questions etc, but don't really have the time
> to do the main part of the coding. (If/when somebody gets to the testing
> stage, I could help with that, too.)
> If anyone is interested, they could grab the OpenBSD4.2 stuff off the
> anonymous ftp site ( and
> start looking at all the files under sys/newnfs with "port" in the
> names. (The nfsclient subdirectory is the extant NFS client code, copied
> and then hacked to use the RPC calls in the nfscl subdir, for example.)
> Have a good 2008, rick

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