Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Aug 30 21:44:15 PDT 2008

:The first version of the DragonFly LiveDVD is done!
:The accompanying documentation can be found here for the time being:
:Please test the ISO and say what you think!
:I hope you like it  :)
:~ Louisa
:-- at

    I've got it downloaded and I will try burning it on Sunday!

    I've asked Sascha to coordinate getting it committed to nrelease.
    Even if it isn't quite done yet I'd like to reduce the diff set
    so other unrelated work can go into nrelease without causing any
    possible inteference.

    The screen-shot looks very cool!  I've got one question re: X...
    is there a video setup step that we need to do to get the video
    driver operational ?

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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