Determining Running Applications on Specific CPU

Dmitri Nikulin dnikulin at
Tue Aug 19 18:44:53 PDT 2008

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 6:40 PM, Archimedes Gaviola
<archimedes.gaviola at> wrote:
> To Whom It May Concerned:
> Hello and good day! I would like to know if DragonFly is capable of
> determining running user applications on specific CPU? Let say for
> example, a system with 2 processors running on 3 different user
> applications. One application is running on the first CPU while the
> remaining 2 applications running on the 2nd CPU? While running many
> applications on a CPU, it will also determine how much CPU utilization
> percentage each running application is consuming?

I don't remember how it is on DragonFly, but most MP-able Unix systems
have it included as a column in "top". You may need to use some
options, as it's not part of the standard for top.

I haven't seen a top that refines it down to which threads are on
which processors, but in fact, I think the top in modern Linux
distributions does that with the right options.

Dmitri Nikulin

Centre for Synchrotron Science
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