Site layout and design discussion

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Mon Aug 4 03:11:55 PDT 2008

Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
So, since the release is past:
(I got this together just before the release, so no 2.0 stuff is on it.)

Questions I have for people:
- How does it look to you?
Very cool design!!!

- The front page looks plain.  Who wants to contribute art?

This work so far doesn't take into account how the actual information is
located on the site, so more questions:
- What pages do you find most useful on the DragonFly site?
I like those small short-cut links on the NetBSD homepage:

  * The Guide (okay, *I* don't find that too useful)
  * Manual Pages (not so useful as well IMHO)
  * Mailing lists and Archives (useful)
  * CVS repository (definitively useful)
  * Report or query a bug (yeah, nice)
  * Software packages
So definitively: Mailing Lists and Archives (that could include 
newsgroups), CVS repo and bug-tracker.



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