Site layout and design discussion

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Mon Aug 4 01:10:46 PDT 2008


* Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
> - What pages do you find most useful on the DragonFly site?

CVSWeb, Mailing Lists and Download.  BTW:  We should restructure the
download page and sort all entries by country with an index on the top.
With the current layout its not easy to find a suitable mirror on the
first look.  I guess most people will stop at chlamydia and just skip
the rest of the mirrors :)

> - What pages on other operating system sites do you find useful?
> -- Especially what ones that aren't on the DragonFly site now...

How about moving all teh web stuff into a wiki?  Commiting to site/ and
waiting that someone regenerates the sites manually is IMO not the best
solution.  Furthermore some of our active developers tend to ignore the
site repo :P

A locked down wiki (write access only to a docs/site/whatever
team) saves us the discussion about the layout etc ... Just my 2c.



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