We suck in power management ...

Thomas Donnelly TDonnelly at gertens.com
Tue Apr 29 14:41:56 PDT 2008

Thomas Donnelly wrote:
Hasso Tepper wrote:
Matthew Dillon wrote:
    est is far prefered over the ACPI idle hook.  The ACPI hook is a
disaster and frankly shouldn't be used.
Well ... I have here hacked together est module for core 2 CPU's 
(mainly work done by Michal Belczyk [1]) and the result is that 
although changing voltage has effect, changing frequency doesn't have 
any effect to power usage or heat. CPU is just slower. I havent 
digged deep into it yet, though ...
[1] - 

Just thought I would chime in here. Most people already know this, 
but, the reason that the lower frequency is brought into play is that 
the decreased voltage isn't stable at that frequency. A lower 
frequency allows a lower voltage.


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