Java 2 status

Hasso Tepper hasso at
Mon Apr 28 23:19:37 PDT 2008

Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :What's the status of Java 2 on DragonFly? Anyone tried recently to
> : build Java from sources? Binaries available? Or is Linux emu the only
> : way? Which version? etc ...
> :--
> :Hasso Tepper
>     I haven't tried.  I did hear recently that Sun said something about
>     opening up Java for real, hopefully that will result in easier
> portage.

I think that opening Java for real has nothing to do with it ;). Whether 
it's completely open or not, it's only distribution issue AFAIK - how you 
are allowed to distribute you modifications and binaries. exists quite a long 
time already.

The real issue (as always) is whether someone did/will do some real work 
to get Java working on DragonFly? Whatever license is, it doesn't give us 
human resources ;)

Hasso Tepper

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