Website Improvement Ideas

Robert Luciani r3tex at
Tue Apr 15 12:31:39 PDT 2008

> I'm currently using WordPress for the Digest, which is PHP-based.

Too bad Wordpress doesn't support PostgreSQL.
I'm using Drupal now on DragonFly, and while it works very well and is
very very flexible, it isn't nearly as "handy" as Wordpress.

> Wikis tend to be messy, but with some
> organizational work, it could turn out very well for us, since adding
> files through CVS has turned out to be a rather high barrier for folks who
> don't already know it.

I agree, the entire website would work well in wiki format.
I just hope people don't start a bikeshed.
It's easier to point the finger than to do it. ;-)
I hope to give a stab at the website sometime soon.

Robert Luciani
Chalmers University of Technology, SWE
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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