Announcing the pkgsrc-2008Q1 Branch

Chris Turner c.turner at
Mon Apr 14 18:07:54 PDT 2008

Hasso Tepper wrote:
Note that devel/m4 is now broken in DragonFly because of "security fix" 
pulled up from HEAD with two days during release. Fixing it is beyond my 
knowledge, so please someone have a look.

Even having regular builds doesn't save us from this kind of stuff :(.

Not knowing the intricacies of various m4 implementations, it seems like 
we have a GNU mode with '-g'.. is there any reason devel/m4 is really 
needed for DragonFly? (e.g. some kind of pkgsrc wrapper makefile could 
be used around the system m4 instead?)

I suppose some tools would need to be modified, but for those things 
just needing 'gnu' m4 for *builds* ..

just a thought..

- Chris

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