Cvsup kernel source only?

Sascha Wildner saw at
Mon Apr 7 23:49:09 PDT 2008

Andre LeClaire wrote:
Hello, everyone! With the idea of creating a custom router, I've 
installed DragonFly on an older laptop with limited resources (1GB flash 
drive), and wonder if it's possible to build a custom kernel by 
cvsup-ing the kernel source only? This was possible with FreeBSD 4*, but 
all the info I've found describes getting the entire source tree for 
Dragonfly, which wouldn't fit in the space available.
Replace 'dragonfly-cvs-src' with 'dragonfly-src-sys' in the supfile 
you're using. Seems to work (as I just learned recently). Although 
you'll also need the toplevel Makefiles in src/.

Another option is to take the kernel src tarball which is on the LiveCD, 



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