Ruby crash on DragonFly

elekktretterr at elekktretterr at
Tue Apr 1 03:00:15 PDT 2008

 > Is it reproducable? Does the code in the view crash every time?

100% reproducable. Im gonna run a few tests (older 1.x rails version on
DF, and on fbsd 6.2). It seems the same problem happens when i use
render_component(), so i dont think its just LDAP problem. I find that
this happens:

1) @zones = client.zones in controller = works
2) -||- in view with fcgid = crash
3) -||- in view in plain cgi = work
4) -||- in view using render_component and plain cgi = crash

I was using 3) for quite a while (i knew bout this problem for ages) but
now i need to put it into production and use fcgid and im stuck.


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